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A great deal of a man’s self-esteem stems from his sexual prowess. Having rock-hard erections, relentless stamina, high sex appetite and giving your loved one mind-blowing sex can make every guy feel like an Alpha male.

When you are unable to maintain an erection, it can harm your confidence and leave you frustrated and depressed. Are you struggling to please your partner? You are not alone in this struggle. Lots of men out there have similar sex issues such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and small size.

Fortunately, male enhancement pills can improve your sexual performance dramatically and make you a beast in bed. However, the market is flooded with loads of products that claim to be the best. The truth is most of them are overhyped, and one might end up getting the wrong product.

This article will discuss the best male enhancement pills free trial. This will ensure that you spend on male enhancement supplements that work and avoid illegitimate products.

Check out the top 4 male pills to enhance sex below.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus Results

VigRX Plus is one of the top male enhancement pills for men in need of harder and long-lasting erections. It also comes with other benefits such as control over ejaculations, increased libido and more pleasurable orgasms.

VigRX Plus is manufactured by a popular company called Leading Edge Health and has over 1.2 million sales since 2007. Besides, the product was endorsed by Dr Steven Lamm, a famous author and the director of NYU’s Center of Men’s Health. He also featured on TV programs such as The View.

The supplement combines over ten natural herbs and minerals that include aphrodisiacs, libido enhancers and erection precursors. One of the reasons why VigRX plus works so well is Bioperine, which improves the absorption rate of ingredients used in this supplement. The formula uses the maximum dosage for every ingredient to ensure optimum results.

Ingredients used include:


Asian Red Ginseng

Epimedium leaf extract

Muira Puama Extract

Hawthorn Berry

Saw Palmetto

Catuaba bark extract

Ginkgo Biloba


A box will last for 30 days and includes a 67-day money-back guarantee, making one of the male enhancement supplements free trial.

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Viasil Review

Here is another male enhancement supplement pill that’s advertised as an alternative to Viagra. The high-quality formula is designed by Swiss Research Labs and has undergone strict procedures and research to ensure safety and effectiveness. A few benefits you can expect from Viasil include increased vitality, rock-hard erections, and reduced anxiety.

The supplement works by increasing the production of nitric acid to ensure intense sessions and satisfaction. As a result, you will enjoy stronger and prolonged erections with increased blood flow to the manhood. Another way Viasil works is by increasing the production of ATP, which is a primary energy carrier to cells and tissues during sex.

Many men reported that they overcame sex issues by using this natural male enhancement pill regularly. Viasil is known for its all-natural composition, and there are no side effects.

Ingredients used include:

Horny Goat Weed


Citrus Sinensis

Ginkgo Biloba

Tribulus Terrestris


Panax Ginseng Root

Viasil comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee meaning you can try the supplement for free and return within this period if it does not work.

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Prosolution Plus

ProSolution Plus Review

ProSolution Plus has been among the male enhancement pills free trial products for over a decade. Over this period, the pill has undergone several improvements to make it more effective for males. The supplement can be used to improve an erection, increase stamina and enable men to have multiple intense orgasms in a single night.

So far, thousands of men have already used this formula to revitalize and better their sex lives. The positive reviews of ProSolution can be attributed to the extensive research put behind every ingredient used. Beyond research, most of the ingredients included have worked for centuries as natural methods for boosting libido, fighting ED and boosting sexual energy.

The supplement works by promoting blood flow and dilating the vessels to boost sexual function in numerous ways. It also regulates blood pressure and heart rate to help you relax and enjoy sex.

Ingredients used include:

Reishi Mushroom

Korean Ginseng

Butea Superba







Each package comes with 60 tablets, and you should take two tablets per day. You receive a 67-day money-back guarantee to try the supplement for free before committing your money.

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Male Extra

Where to Buy Male Extra

Male Extra herbal male enhancement supplement that offers fast and effective results for manhood size and pleasure. There are over 12 million tablet sales since 2019, making it among the most popular male enhancement pills in the market.

The formula works by elevating nitric acid levels to boost the flow of blood into the manhood to ensure firmer erections and increase size. Additionally, improved blood flow supplies nutrients and oxygen to the genitals to delay fatigue during physical activity.

Male Extra contains some unique ingredients that you won’t find in other supplements for more active sex life. Most users praise this supplement for improving their erections and sex life in general.

Ingredients used include:








You should take three Male Extra pills every day to sustain the effects. Each purchase comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee with discreet shipping and billing.

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A good male supplement should provide a wide range of benefits for sexual health and performance. The products we’ve listed in this guide will help you boost orgasm, increase stamina, increase size and help you please your partner much better.

The supplements are convenient to use because they come in the form of capsules and do not have side effects. Natural ingredients composition means that you’ll see benefits beyond your manhood. Better yet, the male enhancement pills free trial will help you choose only the products that work for you.

All these supplements are worth buying, depending on the results you intend to achieve.

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