How To Increase Male Libido And Have Better Sex

In this post we are going to look at how you can increase the male libido if you feel that you are not performing as you wish. There are many reasons for a low libido but thankfully most of these reasons and problems can be addressed to start improving the problem.

We are going to walk you through several factors that will help you to work out what the problem is and more importantly get a solution.

Here is what we will cover:

What is low libido?

What causes low libido?

Is there a bigger problem?

The key areas to fix low libido.

Natural Solutions to fix this problem.

Male Enhancement Pills

As we recommend on all of our content when you are dealing with health problems of this nature it is well worth getting checked out first. This will make sure that you are getting a good health check-up and there is nothing that using any problems.

The other reason that this is well worth doing is because it will set your mind at rest and when you do use some of the solutions that we are going to mention on this page they are far more likely to work for you.

Let us get straight into it:

What is low libido?

This means low sex drive. The only real way that you can tell whether you have a low sex drive is if you notice any real changes. Everyone’s libido will be different so we recommend you are concerned one of the best things that you can do is compare it to a previous time point. If you were sexually active 5 times a month and now there is a complete lack of sexual drive, then this would count as a good indicator of low libido.

Other indications would be other health issues around feeling exhausted or unwell. At the most extreme you may also find that it comes with other problems such as erectile problems and being unable to maintain an erection.

We will now have a look at some of the causes for low libido and you will find that there are many, again with most of these they can be caused by different lifestyle and environmental factors.

As we mentioned above, in most cases you will find that a low libido can be easily fixed as long as you make sure that you are getting a health check first.

What causes low libido?

When you are looking to solve this problem, it can help to have an idea of what can cause low libido.

Some of the more obvious will be:

Relationship problems:

This is not anything physical or even mental and will be an environmental factor that you will need to seek help on. Some of the most popular methods of being able to deal with relationship problems are counselling.


This can be a very sneaky reason but can also be a big indicator of low libido. Sex and stress do not mix and if you have found that you are under undue stress then this can definitely be a huge indicator of low libido.

Thankfully, this problem can be relatively easy to fix because you can remove the factors that are causing the stress and see whether your sex drive improves. In most cases you will find that this is a great place to start because it does not require any outlay from yourself, and you can start today.

Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction can be the reason for a low sex drive. As sexual health problems can be difficult to deal with you may find that the reason is caused by sexual problems. OF course, to get around this problem what you will want to do is make sure that you treat the erectile dysfunction, and it should eliminate the problem for you.

Hormone levels can also be a reason for low sex drive and for this particular problem we highly recommend that you get checked out by a doctor. Normally, find that they give you a blood test and try to work out what is going on inside. This is another area where you should not worry too much because in most cases this can be fixed easily without too many problems.

You will also find that if you are on certain medication this can clash walk can make low libido worse, we highly recommend making sure that you know exactly what medication you are on and double checking the side-effects if you find that you are suffering with this problem.

Lifestyle choices can also be an overlooked factor of low libido, if you find that you are drinking too much then we highly recommend that you make sure that you change your lifestyle choices to start seeing an improvement.

You will also find that health problems can cause a low libido and that is why we mentioned above that is well worth getting checked out by your doctor if you suspect this to be the case. You will find that if you are worried it is well worth checking out to see about heart disease, diabetes, an underactive thyroid or even cancer. This is a very rare reason for these problems, but it can be well worth checking out to make sure that you are all in 100% health.

If you follow the advice above, you will be in a very good position to fix this and start seeing some positive results.

Is there a bigger problem?

As we had a look at above the main areas that we will take a look at to make sure that it is not part of the big problem would be to double check your lifestyle choices. These can be difficult to change but can be one of the goes to areas.

In most cases even a small change may give you positive results, so we highly recommend that you do this and is one of the best ways to start seeing great results without too much time and effort spent.

Lifestyle choices is definitely an area where we would look first, the other areas to have a look at that may be part of a bigger problem are any health issues.

To do this we highly recommend that you go to the doctor first. This means that they are able to rule out any major problems and it will allow you to get the help that you need if there is anything that needs to be addressed.

It also means that if you are going to try any natural solutions, they are far more likely to work once you have a clean bill of health.

The key areas to fix low libido:

We now wanted to give you some advice that will help you to manage this yourself and give you some key areas that you can focus on the start seeing results.

Most of these tips will not work if there is a bigger problem but it will give you a great place to start:


It will not hurt to eat more fruit. This will benefit your health anyway and if you want to try and increase your libido. If you focus on fruits such as figs, bananas and avocados you may find that this will help. Although there is not much scientific backing with this some people have claimed that this can help with low libido.


This should be used sparingly but it can be a good idea to lift your mood and also help with libido. This is a great thing to try, and it does not hurt to try when there is some tasty chocolate about.


There is some suggestion that if you go for the right herbs it can help with these problems, but we are going to suggest further down supplements that we recommend that you start with. This will enable you to get the best possible results in the quickest time. If you wanted to start with an idea of the best herbs to include in your food, you should go for:



Ginkgo Biloba which is more of an extract that comes from a Chinese tree and has been proven to increase libido.


Another area that is quite surprising to help will be getting enough sleep, you should aim for 8 hours a night at least and see whether that will improve the situation. In most cases you will find that you benefit from a better night’s sleep in terms of health and of course this can obviously affect your mood which will directly correlate to giving you a better increase in libido.


Another area is to make sure that you meditate, this can really help and will allow you to make sure that you keep yourself centred and you may find that if you also add in a massage or some weighted the stress that this can help you with your mood and any libido issues.


If you start with the above areas, it will help you to work out exactly where the problem lies and also give you a really quick way to start finding a solution without any outlay. You will find in most cases you can fix this problem without any issues as long as you make sure that you get checked out for your health first.

Natural Solutions to fix this problem:

We also recommend that you take a look at natural solutions to fix this problem. If you have tried the above and it is not working for you or if you want something that will help you to compound the efforts that you have from above, then this is the recommended way of getting an increase in your libido.

The reason that you will find that this work so well is because it will give you something naturally that contains a lot of the suggestions that we mentioned above. For instance, when we are mentioning herbs, you will find that some of these supplements will give you all of the herbs and the ingredients that you need to start improving your libido.

Check out some of our top choices below and it will give you some of the best natural solutions that will help you to fix your libido.

Bear in mind that with any of these natural solutions we recommend taking them for at least 3 to 6 months before you give up on using. The reason being is that for most of these will find that you do not get a huge effect until you have been using them for this long.

Here are some of the top solutions to check out if you need an increase in your libido:

#1 Max Performer

We recommend that you start here as it will give you everything that you need and a full suite of something that will help with any sexual problems. You will be able to get a supplement that is healthy and that is able to be used to improve your libido.

Here are the main features:

1. Horny goat weed: a well-known aphrodisiac that works by inhibiting the release of PDE5. By inhibiting this hormone, you can benefit from increased circulation, testosterone, and nerve stimulation, as well as improved sexual function.

2. Korean Red Ginseng: a powerful ingredient that regulates stress and increases energy. Korean Red Ginseng can also increase libido, thereby increasing sexual desire as well.

3. Maca: another powerful aphrodisiac. This herb first found in Peru can help you fight fatigue and increase your energy levels. It is also known for restoring hormone levels and promoting better orgasms.

4. Cordyceps: a medicinal mushroom that has been used for a long time in China and Tibet. It makes you release testosterone, thus increasing blood circulation and strengthening the erection.

5. Bioperine: bioperine derives from the pepper and is an ingredient that improves the absorption rate of other natural ingredients.

6. Selenium: an essential antioxidant mineral, which protects cells from oxidative stress. It helps alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms and allows penis relaxation.

7. Zinc: other essential mineral, key to the production of testosterone, which affects sexual desire and erectile function.

8. Pantothenic acid: also called vitamin B5, it greatly affects the production of testosterone. With the help of vitamin B5, cholesterol is converted to testosterone in the testicles. As we know, this hormone plays an important role in sexual desire, sperm production, and erectile and testicular function.

9. Iron: iron is an essential mineral required for sexual arousal and orgasm. Iron is found in red meats, lentils, and eggs, among other foods.

10. Pyridoxine HCl: also known as vitamin B6, pyridoxine regulates prolactin, which affects levels of sexual enjoyment. Vitamin B6 can increase libido.

As you can see above you will find that it is completely natural and a really good place to start to make sure that you get the results that you want.

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#2 ProSolution Plus

This is another really good supplement that will give you the results that you are looking for and should help with an increasing libido.

Here are the main features that you get with this supplement:

    Better erection

Of course, ProSolution Plus will help you get a better erection, and not only that, the size of your erect penis will also increase, this is because it increases the blood flow to your penis.

ProSolution Plus also helps improve sexual satisfaction, because these pills will help you last longer during sex.

    Better orgasm control

It is no secret that the vast majority of men have problems with premature ejaculation. But believe it or not, the perfect solution is ProSolution Plus, because these male pills help you control your orgasm.

    Improves sexual health

It is necessary to emphasize that ProSolution Plus does not only improve sexual performance. It also promotes your overall sexual health. This is because ProSolution Plus is full of minerals and vitamins.

Some studies even show that the ingredients in ProSolution Plus increase sperm count and improve fertility. So, if you have any trouble conceiving a child, this pill will really help you out.

    Better mineral absorption

The truth is that the vast majority of male pills currently on the market provide only temporary benefits. But ProSolution Plus offers excellent long-lasting benefits because all the vitamins and minerals contained in this pill are absorbed into the body.

    Reduces stress

This male pill is the best option, because it will also help you relax. We all know that stress can cause many problems in our lives, and also some illnesses.

So, this is an excellent benefit, because ProSolution Plus reduces stress and helps calm not only your body, but also your mind, and consequently, provides a mental balance.

    It is totally natural

Believe it or not, all the ingredients contained in this male pill are totally natural, so it does not generate any harmful side effects for the health in general.

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#3 TestRX

This is another really good place to go if you want to get something that will help with your libido. It will give you a supplement that is easy to take and simple to use.

Here are the main features that you get:

    Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate

Also known as ZMA, this ingredient boosts testosterone levels and the growth of lean muscle growth. It also aids in exercise recovery. Apart from helping you in the gym, ZMA also enhances immunity and mood. Another advantage of this ingredient is that it helps control your blood sugar and improve sleep quality.

    Vitamin D3

Research has proven that low testosterone levels are associated with vitamin D3 deficiency. Although exposing yourself to the sun will give you vitamin D3, most men are not getting enough exposure to sunshine since they spend most of their time indoors. However, exposing yourself to sunshine for long hours can lead to various skin conditions, including skin cancer. The best way of getting your vitamin D3 is by using this male libido booster.

    Vitamin K2

Although most men focus on building their testosterone levels, they do not stop to think about what they should do to maintain their existing levels. Vitamin K2 will enable your body to maintain your current testosterone levels.

    Vitamin B6

There is no need to increase your testosterone levels if your body cannot use the available testosterone. Vitamin B6 will enable your body to use the testosterone your body will create.


Your body will struggle to maintain your testosterone levels if you have a magnesium deficiency. Moreover, you will also have trouble boosting your testosterone levels. Magnesium also helps endurance athletes like bikers and swimmers to increase their stamina.

    D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid will increase your testosterone levels by synthesizing the production of human growth hormone and luteinizing hormone. Recent research has proven that D-Aspartic acid sends signals to the testicles to increase testosterone production.


Zinc will improve your sex drive and increase the size of your tools.

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Final Thoughts:

Remember not worry too much as this is a very common problem that can be fixed as long as you follow some of the advice above and make sure that you are only using natural products you will be able to find a solution that will help you.

Thanks for reading and best of luck with increasing your libido.

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