How To Increase Male Libido

Having a low libido as a man can be depressing, and if you have ever asked yourself: ” how to increase male libido? ” or wondered if you have a low sex drive, then this post is for you. With up to 25% of men in the US having low libido or low sex drive, you certainly aren’t the only one with this problem. And in this post, we at will share with you five ways to increase your libido.

1. Exercise

If you have a low sex drive, one of the best and natural ways to boost your sex drive is to lift weights. This doesn’t mean you should go and workout like you’re going for a competition, but studies have shown that lifting weights or exercising vigorously for 20 minutes is a great way to boost your libido.

Secondly, depression is a major reason why most males have low libido. However, when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. Endorphins are homes that are responsible for making us feel good, and when endorphin is released, we become happier, feel more confident about ourselves, and in turn, we become less stressed and depressed.

Also, obesity is a major cause of low libido in America, so, when you exercise, you can keep your weight in check, which in turn boosts your libido.

Finally, you want to complement your exercise with some green vegetables and fatty fish to make your exercise super effective.

Exercises such as Kegels, High-Intensity Interval Training, weight lifting, swimming, and many others can help boost your libido.

2. Cloves

Research has shown that even the lowest amounts of cloves taken by a man can boost their sex drives. Not only that, but cloves also boost the energy levels of men, and as we know energy is important for sex. Cloves contain saponin, eugenol, and natural polyphenols, which are the ingredients present in cloves, and are responsible for the sexual enhancement effect( boosting testosterone) that cloves give.

One of the best ways to consume cloves is to chew them raw. However, if you find them bitter, you can add them to your juice preferably apple juice, and boil the juice for a minute or two to extract the ingredients of the cloves into the juice, and then you filter the cloves from the juice, and then you drink the juice.

3. Beetroots

Beetroots have been a go-to libido booster for decades. Beets contain nitric oxide, and when consumed into the body, the nitric oxide stimulates the body to open up blood vessels. This increases the blood flow in the body, subsequently, leading to the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle and penile arteries, increasing the flow of blood into the penis. And as we know good blood flow into the penis means stronger erections.

Besides that, nitric oxide also increases the flow of blood into the brain, and brain health is important when looking to boost your libido. Studies have shown that nitric oxide can be used as a supplement to cure erectile dysfunction.

Beetroots have high amounts of folic acid, which is an essential ingredient that helps deal with premature ejaculation and stress. And just like nitric oxide, it helps improve blood circulation in the body.

You can chew beets raw or make a smoothie with them.

4. Bee Pollen

Yes, you can eat bee pollen, and they are safe. Bee pollens have been in the market for a while, and they numerous health benefits but most importantly, they can help your sexual health. Bee pollens contain natural bioidentical hormones such as chrysin. Bioidentical hormones are compounds found in foods, and these hormones have the same chemical and biological properties as natural hormones in our body.

So, chrysin is a bioidentical hormone found in pollens. And when we consume bee pollen, we ingest chrysin into our bodies. Once chrysin gets absorbed into the bloodstream, it inhibits the function of Aromatase. Aromatase is an enzyme present in the body, and what it does is to convert testosterone in men into estrogen.

And when testosterone levels are low, then your libido becomes low. However, chrysin present in been pollen inhibits Aromatase, therefore, there is no conversion of testosterone into estrogen, resulting in higher levels of testosterone in the blood, thereby increasing your libido.

Besides, increasing testosterone in the body, bee pollens provide men with energy, it also increases endurance, and helps relieve stress, and all these are important elements for the ultimate sexual health of a man.

You can chew the bee pollens raw, or you can add them to your oat, or any appropriate meal.

5. Natural Male Enhancement

Sometimes getting the cloves, been pollens, and beetroots can be quite challenging. Also, you might be too busy that exercising for 30 minutes to an hour wouldn’t be possible. However, as a man boosting your libido is important. And if you are looking for an easy yet time-saving way to boost your libido as a man then male enhancement pills might be the option for you.

Male enhancement pills are an effective and time-saving way to boost your libido and also deal with erectile dysfunction. And to save you from all the stress, we have gathered some of the best and safest male enhancement pills for you. All the pills are approved by the FDA and have natural ingredients.

But the main question is do they work?

Yes, they do work. The male enhancement pills you find on our website contains most of the active ingredients found in cloves, beets, and bee pollen. Also, they are in their right proportion, so, there wouldn’t be an overdose, if you take them as prescribed.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of these enhancement pills:

  • Male enhancement pills give you a stronger and longer erection.
  • These pills intensify your orgasm by increasing the size of the head of the penis, to make the penis sensitive.
  • They make your sperm thicker
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  • Makes you last longer.

For more information about the best enhancement pills, check out our detailed review of the various enhancement pills we have.

So, this sums up our list, and we hope by reading this post, you have gotten the right information you need to make you more confident in the bedroom.

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